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classical bedroom furniture, classical dining room furniture, classical study room furniture, classical living room furniture, modern sofa, modern bedroom furniture, office mesh chair and gaming chair.
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  • Address:Wenzhou CityLucheng DistrictZhejiang ProvinceChina
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In order to adapt to the fast development of furniture import and export trading in China , providing a convenient service platform for the furniture manufacturing enterprises,importers and exporters, we establish “WENZHOU MAYYA INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD”. The founders understand and respect the multiply cultures in the world and the different modes of thinking very well. They are not only the senior experienced person in the furniture industry of Zhejiang province, which is the second largest furniture manufacturing province in China, but also the prestigious person for their sincerity and honesty. So we have the good and wide relationship with the keyman in furniture industry and own the information resources therefore.


  • Specializing in exporting Chinese furniture and fittings, with more than 15 years export experience;
  • The import agent of manufacture equipment, technologies and materials;
  • Owned holding furniture manufactories, which have more than 20 years production experience;
  • Depending on the industrial advantage of the nearly one hundred furniture manufacturers and furniture fittings enterprises who are manufacturing together in Wenzhou, Yuhuan, Ningbo and Hangzhou Furniture Manufacturing Base of Zhejiang province, we provide the extensive business opportunities for the international buyers and suppliers who are looking for the good cooperation.


Our greatest mission: providing the brilliant quality, the excellent service, the rapid response and winning the trust at home and abroad.