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Yuhuan Milano Furniture Co. , Ltd. is a european-style furniture production base in china-zhejiang Yuhuan. Since its establishment, the company has always followed the development and innovation ideas of neo-classical furniture. The design concept of the products has always been close to the world capital of Fine fashion-MILANUO, Italy, and at the same time highly integrates the humanistic personality of the new era, reflects the simple but not simple and highly personalized characteristics. The company’s existing main brand “Nicolaus Copernicus”, “Mirano-classic”, “Mirano-heritage”and so on. “Milano”people will further improve the scientific management level with greater enthusiasm, further improve product quality and pursue the road of continuous improvement, and further improve service awareness, as always, the new and old customers dedicated perfect, fashionable boutique furniture, for thousands of families to create a warm, elegant home environment, to become the Holy Land of Chinese furniture-milan and unremitting efforts. Business Philosophy: integrity-based, pioneering and innovative; Craftsman Spirit, do not forget the original intention