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Large file cabinet




Product Introduction


The file cabinet is mainly made of melamine board, and integrates openness and closeness. It includes four wooden doors, two sliding doors, two glass rebound doors, and some shelves, providing sufficient storage space and display space. The upper cabinet can be used to place some books or trophies and certificates of honor to show the strength of the company. The lower cabinet can store some private documents or items. Suits and other clothes can be hung in the wardrobe to prevent clothes from being wrinkled.



Product Name:Office filing cabinet

Color: Oak(MFC-31)+Black(MFC-32)

Brand Name:GEVANCO


  Model Number:GXF96

Size: 3010*396*1916mm



  Place of Origin:Hangzhou,China

Gross weight:276kg



Product Details


1.  Color: Oak(MFC-31)+ Black(MFC-32)

2. The file cabinet is also equipped with a layer plate, which divides the large space into several small spaces, improves the utilization rate of the space, and is more suitable for storing small-sized objects.





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