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Height adjustable table with glass top





Product Introduction


Freestanding table with glass table and steel legs. Table with a sliding drawer and double motors. The height can be adjusted according to your needs and has a memory function. 



Name: Freestanding table

Main Material: Glass+Steel

Color: Black/White

Used: Office/ Home/School

Place of Origin: Hangzhou, China

Size: 1200*600*700-1200mm

Brand Name: GEVANCO

G.W: 46KG

Model Number: GSJ75

Volume: 0.2m³

Warranty: 5 years





Product Details

1. Easy assembly;
2. The double-motor lifting speed is stable, and the desktop is stable.
3. Can play different roles due to different heights, can be used as coffee table, desk or conference table;
4. The desktop contains a drawer, which can be used to store some documents.


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