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On the morning of February 24,2022, jin Rosenberger, co-founder of Bob’s Discount Furniture retailer and founder and board chairman of Planned Furniture Promotions, has died of cancer. He died of cancer. In the company of his family, he died quietly in his Connecticut home at the age of 86. In 1962, Jin Rosenberger and Paul Cohen co-founded Jin Rosenborg Bk Associates, the forerunner of Planned Furniture Promotions. Paul Cohen once spoke highly of his friendship with Jin Rosenberger: “Who could be as lucky as me and my partner Jin Rosenborg BK? In 1991, Jin Rosenberger and his cousin, Bob Kauffmann, bought a five-store waterbed brand and transformed it into a retail store specializing in low-priced furniture, the predecessor of Bob’s discount furniture. Jin Rosenberger helped the company grow into one of the TOP 10 furniture retailers in the United States, with annual sales of more than $700 million.

Bob Kauffmann, co-founder and honorary chairman of Bob’s discount furniture, said: “I’ve never seen anyone so loving, generous and giving. Our old staff used to say that the “G”in his name (Gene Rosenberg) stood for genius. In 2015, Jin Rosenberger named his grandson, Rob Rosenberg, president of planned furniture promotions, and he took over as chairman. “He has done so much for us. During the 60 years he and Paul Cohen ran the Planning Furniture Promotion Company, he mentored and helped thousands of team members and their families. He is a hero to his family, a savior to his customers, and a mentor and friend to his staff. To the entire furniture industry, he’s an iconic legend. He left us a legacy that many people can’t match,”Rosenberger said. Jin Rosenberger’s funeral will be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday, March 1, in Bayse, 701 Farmington Ave. , West Hartford, Connecticut. The funeral will be followed by a “Celebration of life”at the Farmington club.



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